Direct Debit Service

  • Enhance the collection of your receivables
  • Enable your customers to comfortably pay for your services
  • Activate this service free of charge

Product description

Direct Debit is a service provided by Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka to companies in order to simplify operations with common clients. This service enables companies to automatically collect their receivables, according to previously agreed rules.

In addition to providing clients the simplified way to settle their obligations, this service also helps companies in ensuring efficient collection of payments for their services, in specified time intervals, thus improving the collection rate. To use this service, a company needs to define technical details and sign a direct debit agreement.

The service may be implemented after the data exchange procedure and the payment time schedule have been previously agreed between the company and the Bank. The contract confirming the agreed collection system should be signed by three parties – a company, the Bank and end-user of the company service.

The CKB Direct Debit service is for the time being developed with the following companies: EPCG, T-Com, T-Mob, m:tel, BBM, Lovćen Insurance, Delta Insurance and Swiss Insurance.

The payment time schedule will specify the intervals in which payments will be made from the account of the service end-user in favour of the service provider (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually). Once the collection has been completed, the Bank will report to the company in the agreed format, following the same time frames. The reports may indicate paid and unpaid instalments as well as blocked contracts on monthly or annual levels.

In addition to defining the time schedule, it is necessary to obtain all information on the service end-user and as well as prospective collection account. The end-user does not necessarily need to be the holder of the account charged for the service. This is defined in a special manner.

The Bank should be supplied with accurate data from the company, i.e. from pre-defined responsible officers, about financial claims from service end-users. Based on such data, the Bank will generate payment orders and charge the end-user accounts in favour of the company. The Direct Debit service will be provided during the time period specified in the application form and the agreement.

Agreement cancellation

If the user does not want to continue using the mentioned service, the user may cancel the agreement under the rules prescribed in the agreement.


For any additional information, please contact CKB Call Centre 19894 or technical support of eBanking Department on e-mail address