Company safe deposit boxes

  • Maximum safety
  • Maximum confidentiality and discretion

Product description

Safe deposit boxes are meant for companies that wish the put their valuables away in safe deposit boxes of CKB. That includes keeping money, securities, confidential documents and other valuable items.

Items that jeopardize the safety of the Bank or other safe deposit boxes are not accepted.

In this way the Bank provides a client with a safe place to keep the aforementioned valuable items. The Bank guarantees privacy, confidentiality and lack of access to any third parties.

How to become a client?

A company should first fill in the application form for opening a safe deposit box, against presenting a copy of ID card or passport of the person that will be authorized to manage the safe deposit box on behalf of the company. Additionally, it is possible to issue an authorization for other persons that may potentially be using the safe deposit box.

Based on the application, the Bank brings a decision on opening the safe deposit box. There are no special criteria for rejecting client applications. Upon such approval by the Bank, contract is signed in two copies. One copy is for the client and the other one is kept by the Bank.

The client receives one key and the Bank has a co-key that opens all safe deposit boxes solely in the presence of the client, i.e. the client key. It means that a safe deposit box may be accessed only in the presence of the treasury officer and legal entitys authorized officer. This contributes to additional safety and keeps trust in the Bank and its overall operations. Employees of the Bank Treasury may not independently access clients safe deposit boxes.

Beneficiary shall be held responsible for losing the client key, safe deposit box destruction or any misuse of the rented safe deposit box. Deadline for returning the key is the date of the expiry of the contracted period for safe deposit box use.

Use of safe deposit box may be extended by annex to the contract for a pre-agreed period.

The handling of safe deposit boxes is regulated by the Rules on the use of safe deposit boxes in Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka.


You can get more details about the product by visiting the nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894.