CKB wins the Employer Partner Certificate

The Employer Partner Certificate (CEP) is awarded to CKB for outstanding results in human resources management. This prestigious award has been given to regional companies by the Croatian consulting company SELECTIO since 2005.

The complex selection process involves the assessment of HRM practices in the areas of strategy and performance quality, recruitment, education, development and attitude towards employees (levels of transparent communication, satisfaction surveys and tools for achieving balance of all aspects of life).

“Human resources management, especially in the current health situation, requires a deep understanding of changes in the society and willingness to address them adequately and efficiently. HR professionals are expected to set up an organization which enables achieving business results and harmonizing professional and personal goals of employees. For CKB HR team and me personally, the Employer Partner Certificate affirms that we are on the right track to create a work environment with the focus on the employees who are recognized as our most valuable asset. I am convinced that this is the only right path towards the fullest realization of personal and professional potentials of employees", said Žana Đurović, Director of Human Resources Department of CKB.

“CKB is an exemplary employer that cares about employees in all respects. From taking initiatives to improve work-life balance of the employees to coping well with the health crisis, CKB has implemented excellent practices,” said Martina Kessler, CEP Program Manager.

Out of five major areas of assessment, CKB stood out in the areas of the relationship with the employees and performance management where it achieved better results compared to the average of the companies that were subject to CEP methodology. Apart from that, the certification team praised the well-developed job specification and organizational structure, competency systems and performance evaluations, as well as fair and equal treatment of the employees on indefinite and definite term.

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