Clarification of the activities taken on the occasion of child allowance payment

During the presentation of CKB participation in the arrangement with UNICEF regarding the payment of child allowance, it could be understood that to the consumers, as an advantage and special feature of the offer, were emphasized the rights that already belong to them by law. In the manner of transparent communication and good business practice, CKB wants to unequivocally indicate what the realized activity means.

As a member of UNICEF Business Council on Child Rights, CKB decided to bear the costs of the interbank commission for the transfer of funds to other banks to pay child allowance those beneficiaries who are their customers.

Aware of the public interest in the socially responsible business of CKB and its importance for society, we will strive to ensure that future presentations of activities in this domain of our business do not leave room for incomplete understanding by both customers and citizens.

CKB hereby apologizes to clients and citizens who, during the presentation of the implemented activity, gained a wrong impression of the rights and benefits that otherwise belong to them by law.








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