Cancellation of transaction accounts opened at Podgorička banka

 As from that date, the customers who continued to use their transaction accounts opened at Podgorička banka (accounts starting with number 550) will not be able to receive funds to those accounts.

All active users of transaction accounts opened at Podgorička banka will be able to continue managing their finances through transaction accounts that were opened for them in Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka a.d. Podgorica (hereinafter: CKB) on December 11, 2020 in accordance with the submitted offer, as a replacement for their transaction accounts opened at Podgorička banka.     

The abovesaid changes in regard to transaction accounts came into force on December 11, 2020 when the merger of Podgorička banka into CKB was completed. In the year following the end date of the merger process, the payments made to the transaction accounts of Podgorička banka are accepted. However, as from December 11, 2021, national and international payment transactions will be enabled exclusively through the transaction accounts of CKB.

Transaction accounts were not opened at CKB for customers who until December 10, 2020 informed the Bank that they did not accept the offer for opening and maintenance of the transaction account at CKB or if they submitted a request for the cancellation of the transaction account they had at Podgorička banka.

Customers can get more information about their transaction accounts at CKB (accounts starting with number 510) by calling CKB Contact Center at 19894.  

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