Tamás Kamarási new Chief Executive Officer of CKB

Tamás Kamarási is new Chief Executive Officer of CKB and will take over this position on October 1, 2021. He will succeed Pál Kovács who has held the position of CEO since 2017.

Tamás Kamarási has Master's Degree in Economics and in the period from 2002 he performed managerial functions as follows: Chief Risk Officer Deputy CEO, Managing Director of Risk Analysis and Regulation Directorate and Corporate Culture Change Program Manager in OTP Group. Apart from that, he was Chief Risk Officer and Deputy CEO in Russian OTP Subsidiary. Since 2019, he has covered the position of Managing Director of Group Corporate Governance and Operations Division.

In addition to his extensive international professional experience, Tamás Kamarási is well aware of the opportunities and specifics of the Montenegrin market as a result of the time he spent as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Podgorička banka, and later as a member of the Board of Directors of CKB.

With Tamás Kamarási at head of the largest banks on the Montenegrin market, it is expected that CKB will further strengthen its leading position. In the coming period, a special focus will be on further strengthening customer relations and creating new opportunities to improve the overall business environment in the country.

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