CKB organized vaccination of employees against COVID-19

13 septembar 2021

In cooperation with the team of the Institute of Public Health, CKB organized vaccination against COVID-19 for its employees in Podgorica and other towns in Montenegro. CKB team members who expressed their willingness to take the vaccine were able to choose one of the three currently available vaccines.

Regarding the organization of vaccination in the building of the Bank's headquarters, Chief Executive Officer of CKB, Mr. Pál Kovács, said: "There is no doubt that vaccination is the only way out of the very difficult situation caused by the pandemic. I am proud that our employees recognize this and take responsibility not only of their health, but also the health of their families, colleagues and customers. The willingness of CKB employees to take the vaccine either individually or through this campaign proves that we foster higher level of awareness about the importance of the general wellbeing."        

During the public health crisis, the largest bank in the Montenegrin market has been investing significant efforts and resources to protect the health of its employees and customers. CKB is the first company in the country which organized educational presentation about the importance of vaccination. At the mentioned presentation, MD Senad Begić answered to the questions of CKB team thus enabling them to make a decision which is in their best interest on the basis of scientifically based information.    

"I am glad that a large number of my colleagues decided to get vaccinated against COVID-19. I am convinced that this is a result of numerous campaigns that we have been conducting over the years with the aim to emphasize that the healthcare and preservation of health are priority and precondition for any success and satisfaction. I would like to remind you that CKB is the bank with the largest number of customers in the country, so with this gesture our team showed care about a large number of people with whom they are in contact on a daily basis. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the dedicated team of the Institute of Public Health for supporting us in this campaign", said Branislava Maja Vukčević, Executive Director of Corporate Governance Division of CKB. 

MD Milena Popović Samardžić commended the employees and the management of CKB for the responsible attitude and activities undertaken in order to create a safer working environment. "Vaccination protects against severe forms of disease and fatal outcome. The best way to protect the working population and large collectives with a high frequency of contacts is vaccination," said MD Popović Samardžić, Head of Department for Immunoprophylaxis at the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro.

Vaccination of CKB employees against COVID-19 was realized in "CKB - Health Month". During the month of September, all employees of CKB have the opportunity to receive free preventive health examinations, as well as to support the campaigns of general importance to the society.

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