CKB employees donated blood

 Recognizing the importance of this campaign, a large number of CKB team members responded to the call for donations, which is especially significant if we take into account the fact that the current number of donors has decreased as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

On this occasion, Branislava Maja Vukčević, Executive Director of Corporate Governance Division, said: "Apart from direct support to the healthcare system that is part of the corporate culture and socially responsible business of CKB, we continuously promote the importance of prevention, healthy lifestyles and especially principles of humanity among our employees.  In that regard, blood donation is one of our most important campaigns and I am proud of the traditionally large turnout of CKB team members. There is no doubt that we will continue with this practice in the future, with the support of our friends and professionals from the Blood Transfusion Institute of Montenegro."   

"For all of us employed in the Institute who are used to the pleasant company of our dear friends from CKB, this campaign of voluntary blood donation ensures sufficient blood supplies, which is especially important during the pandemic. We are particularly pleased that these traditional meetups are to our mutual satisfaction because they have been lasting for 11 years," said MD Nela Eraković, Head of Blood Collection Unit of the Blood Transfusion Institute of Montenegro. 

Voluntary blood donation campaign was realized in "CKB - Health Month". During the month of September, all employees of CKB have the opportunity to receive free preventive health examinations, as well as to support various campaigns of general importance to the society.

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