Excellence During Challenges Award Given to CKB

CKB received the Excellence During Challenges Award for quality human resources management during the coronavirus pandemic. This is the award given by the consulting company SELECTIO in order to promote the companies that put the interests and needs of their employees first, especially in the challenging times. In addition, the purpose of this award is to highlight the importance of caring for the employees in times of crisis, as well as to promote good practices that were introduced in the business world during this period.     

During the pandemic, the priority of CKB was to preserve the health and safety of the employees and customers. Also, special care was taken to continuously and transparently communicate strategically important decisions and information relevant to the entire team.

CKB employees were provided with home office option, including all required digital equipment and tools. For CKB team members who could not work remotely, the prescribed measures were strictly observed during their stay in the Bank's premises, and they were proivded with all required protective equipment.      

During the pandemic, the salaries and benefits of employees were not reduced. In order to further strengthen the team in this demanding period, the Bank has launched additional mechanisms for rewarding and motivating the employees.

In particular, it should be borne in mind that in parallel with the adequate management of the circumstances caused by the pandemic, the process of merging Podgorička banka into CKB, one of the most complex processes of this type on the Montenegrin market, has been successfully implemented.

"People are the greatest value of CKB and a prerequisite for our every success. For us at CKB, preserving the health of the employees has been an absolute priority since the outbreak of the pandemic. I am proud to lead the team that has shown high levels of empathy, commitment and professionalism!”, highlighted Mr. Pál Kovács, Chief Executive Officer of CKB.

Mrs. Žana Đurović, Director of Human Resources Department, sees the Excellence During Challenges Award as a recognition for the entire HR team that has made an immeasurable contribution to the adequate management of the circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

"The public health crisis has further emphasized the importance of HR and how much our support means to them in such a difficult period. The entire HR team of CKB worked hard to provide adequate support to our colleagues during these trying times. We did everything in our power to alleviate the new situation for the employees and, based on their feedback, I believe that we succeeded in that," said Mrs. Đurović.   

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