CKB received two awards from the Association of Managers of Montenegro

The largest bank in the country received two awards - the award for the Best Manager in the Area of Corporate Governance and the special recognition Digital Leader for 2020.

The award for the Best Manager in the Area of Corporate Governance was given to Mrs. Branislava Maja Vukčević, Executive Director of Corporate Governance Division of CKB.

On this occasion, Mrs. Vukčević said: "This is a turning point for corporate governance in Montenegro. I want to thank the Board of Directors of the Association of Managers for recognizing its importance and I am truly honored to be the first to receive recognition for achievements in this area. I see the award as a professional and personal satisfaction for the years of work, effort and dedication, but also as an incentive to face future challenges." 

 Receiving the award from Mr. Dritan Abazović, Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Mrs. Vukčević also pointed out that the importance of corporate governance lies in achieving a greater degree of business fairness, transparency and accountability, while it also defines the company's relationship towards the society as a whole.

The special recognition Digital Leader for 2020 was received, on behalf of CKB, by Mrs. Sandra Kordić, Executive Director of Retail and Corporate Business Division. Mrs. Kordić said that, in addition to the cutting edge technical and intuitive solutions for digital products, the reasons for the success of CKB should be sought in the very perception of digitalization. As she emphasized, CKB sees digitalization as an additional chance for greater accessibility of services and products to the clients.    

"Consequently, digitalization has brought us even closer to the clients and partners. We gained more time to dedicate to them and use our capacities to create new and efficient business operating models", concluded Mrs. Kordić.

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