Humanity at work during the epidemic: Employees of CKB and Podgoricka banka organized voluntary blood donation campaign

Employees of Crnogorska komercijalna banka (CKB) and Podgoricka banka participated in the voluntary blood donation campaign this year again.

The campaign is traditionally organized every year, and this year it is also a jubilee, because the bank employees have been engaged in this humanitarian activity for the tenth time in a row.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the needs for blood components have increased, and solidarity and help to others is needed more than ever.

According to the information of the Montenegrin Blood Transfusion Institute, one hundred blood units are needed in our country every day. Every fourth person needs a blood transfusion during their lifetime. By giving blood, we provide a safer future for ourselves, our family, our friends.

Maja Vukčević, Executive Director of the Corporate Governance Department at CKB, stated on the occasion of this campaign:

"We are extremely glad that we are participating in the voluntary blood donation campaign for the tenth time in a row. The Montenegrin Blood Transfusion Institute know that they can count on the humanity of our employees, so that CKB is included in their regular annual donation program. I think that this campaign is of great importance, especially since, in the circumstances of summer vacations and now also due to the epidemic, the available stocks of this valuable liquid may be reduced unfortunately. Therefore, I call on all our fellow citizens to show humanity in this challenging epidemiological period."

Dr. Nela Eraković, MD, Head of the Blood Collection Service at the Blood Transfusion Institute, thanked the CKB and Podgoricka banka employees:

"For many years, CKB has recognized the importance of and need for having voluntary blood donation campaigns and as such represents a true example of humanity among Montenegrin institutions, which should certainly be followed. I would especially like to thank the bank management for promoting the blood donation among their employees and thus animating the growing number of people to get involved in this humanitarian activity, contributing to the provision of the only medicine of human origin, for the benefit of all citizens of Montenegro. The joint action of CKB and Podgoricka banka is especially important for us in this period when blood stocks have been significantly reduced due to the current Covid-19 epidemic. By voluntary donations, our Institute is able to provide sufficient amounts of blood and blood components for those in need and to observe the basic transfusion rule that it is a secured blood unit that should be waiting for a patient and never the other way around. Once again, I express my gratitude to the employees of CKB and Podgoricka banka who made this possible for us with their noble deed."

The campaign was conducted in compliance with the measures for the prevention of Covid-19 transmission in the transfusion service of the Blood Transfusion Institute. Employees of CKB and Podgoricka banka have shown that humanity and the desire to help others are greater than the fear of the coronavirus epidemic.

This year again, blood was donated by employees of bank branches, the management, and members of the top management of CKB and Podgoricka banka.

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