CKB eBanking Service

  • Make your operating costs acceptable
  • Simplify the payment of your monthly bills
  • Enhance your safety

Product description

Our intention is to make the operational activities of CKB clients more affordable, by bringing their time and cost savings to an optimum level. We wish to offer them the possibility for such operational routines to be carried out via Internet and in a highly automated manner by using our Internet banking services CKB eBanking Service.

Thanking to CKB eBanking Service, you can make domestic and international payments, have overview of all your accounts and transactions, take over statements, review the current status of your loans and savings, communicate with the Bank safely, monitor financial information on your cards, make file transfers, make to-pup transactions (recharging of prepaid mobile telephone), create and withdrawal of savings, create custody requests and overview of custody information (you must be the custody client of the Bank), etc.

To put it simply, CKB eBanking Portal provides clients with all information and transaction services via Internet.

No additional installations or certificates are needed for using the CCKB eBanking Portal, except for Internet Browser and access documents that the clients will receive from the Bank after filling in appropriate application forms and signing the CKB eBanking Service Agreement. Accessibility of this portal, from any place at any time, provides client comfort and satisfaction in managing personal finances.

This system follows up all global trends in terms of safety, functionality and accessibility.

The Portal is protected by SSL certificate issued by VeriSign, one of the leading global companies in this area. When logging into the system, double protection level is anticipated for the purpose of mutual safety. At this point, we take a lot of pride in offering you the highest standards of safety for transactions executed via Internet.

Renowned global companies TietoEnator and Siemens worked on developing this Portal together with the Bank employees.

This product may be used by any retail client who is using one of CKB products.


The system has the following useful functions for CKB clients:

  • From any spot in the world, 24 hours a day, clients have access to the overview of all products they are using, such as: transaction accounts, FX accounts, credits, cards, savings accounts etc. It is important to note that the system works in real time.
  • Domestic and foreign payments can be made by using Internet portal. The procedure is very simple and involves several types of automatic payments. It means, e.g., that any transaction on the account made through payment operations is automatically visible to our clients who use CKB eBanking Portal. Creation of domestic and foreign payment is very simple with the use of payment templates.
  • Own Transfer offers a very simple transfer of money from one account to another. Accounts involved may be transaction or savings accounts. It means that the client may transfer funds from his primary account to the savings account. It should be noted that the Savings of the Day line was designed exactly for that purpose, to enable clients to create their savings in a simple way, for a date in future important to them.
  • Creating and overview of the different types of savings can be made in a simple manner. There is an overview of the conditions before final creation of selected saving. Withdrawal of created savings is possible.
  • Creating a custody request offers the possibility of trading with securities. In addition, this functionality provides an overview for requests, orders, transactions and portfolios. Reports for trading and security price list are available. In order to use this functionality you need to be custody client of the Bank.
  • Top-up option enales recharge of prepaid mobile phone numbers.
  • The File Transfer Option enables clients to send the Bank a payment file of appropriate format for a number of payments to be made at one time. Citizens find it useful to be able to pay electricity, telephone, water and similar bills at once.
  • Secure Mail or a secure communication channel is a definition for secure exchange of information between the client and the Bank, which is of enormous value for both of them. Each client who sends a mail is identifiable so that the Bank may take all necessary measures in order to accommodate his requests, without coming to the Bank.
  • The development of new and improvement of existing functions is one of primary goals of the Bank management, and, in any case, it is the primary goal of the eBanking Department, because that is the only way to provide satisfactory quality of service to clients and ensure their lasting relationship with the Bank.

How to apply?

To become a user of eCKB eBanking Service, you need to be the client of our Bank and fill in the CKB eBanking Service application form that may be obtained in any of our branches. After filling in the application form, CKB will generate your documents for accessing the eBanking system and, within 24 hours, you will be able to use the NetBank system with all the offered services.

After the contract has been signed, the retail client becomes entitled to take over the necessary documents password, username and tan list. The documents may be taken over against presentation of personal ID document.


More details about the product clients can get by visiting the nearest CKB branch or by calling the CKB Call Centre at 19894.