CKB eBusiness Portal

  • Make your operating costs acceptable
  • Increase operating efficiency
  • Simplify the performance of your daily and periodical business tasks
  • Expedite your operations
  • Enhance your safety

Product description

CKB eBusiness Portal is the latest service developed as part of our eBanking package and implies partnership relation between CKB and corporate client. The service was primarily intended for companies that need to generate and execute a large number of payments at one time, both domestic and international. However, functionality and safety provided by this service led to carrying out the idea to provide access to other services that companies may wish to develop with the Bank. Some of those services include, for example: special reports, special way of linking the client system with the Bank, automatic execution of orders from the client system directly in the Bank system, monitoring of execution of direct debits and all other services important for the client.

Since it is the service developed by taking into account client specific features and needs, please contact our eBanking Department to receive more information you might need.

At this point, you may use the option of automatic payment of both domestic and international orders using optionally: direct linking of your system and CKB system and half-automated payments where you should manually send orders to the Bank. The BulkPayment option is created for this purpose and it highly facilitates the execution of large numbers of payments.

How to apply?

To use this service, you have to fill in an application form and sign eBanking Agreement. Based on the received data, the Bank will generate access documents for users to log in the system and, depending on their rights and privileges, they will have certain authorizations and will be able to perform certain operations. It is important to mention that no additional installations or certificates are needed on client computers. It is enough to have access to Internet and Browser to access the address

The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, from any computer and from any address.


For any additional information, clients may contact us through our Bank Call Centre on the number: +382 19894, technical support of eBanking Department or e-mail address: