Special investment loans

  • Loan purpose: investments in fixed assets and working capital
  • Repayment:
    • monthly /equal annuities or instalments/
    • quarterly /equal annuities or instalments/

Product description

The main purpose of these loans is to encourage the development of small and medium enterprises operating in Montenegro.

The loans are approved to companies for making investments in: tourism; agriculture and food production; education, sports and culture; services; health; information technologies; energy, but not trade.

In the selection of projects to be financed, advantage will be given to SMEs that have:

  • innovative ideas
  • export-geared products
  • a bigger number of new employees
  • strong export substitution component
  • better performance indicators
  • higher product finalization degree
  • higher exploitation of domestic resources
  • better project appraisal
Companies that are using loans received through Development Fund may take a new loan even if they have not repaid the current loan and to extend grace period and tenor if there are reasonable economic reasons therefor and the approval or guarantee by the Bank.

The Bank has the product in its catalog since its founding, with each year entered into a contract with the Development Fund, pursuant to the tender announcement and the conditions on the basis of this offer.

Investment loans in cooperation with Montenegro Development Fund funded so that 50% of the funds come from the Development Fund and the remaining 50% provided by the bank.

Product price

Product price, i.e. interest rate is determined on the basis of economic and financial analysis of the company, credit history, turnover on the account with CKB, collateral quality and value, etc.

How to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan with CKB, one has to submit documents as specified in the Loan Instructions and formulate appropriate application. The application should include basic information on the company operations, future plans, and relations with major buyers and suppliers. Additionally, the application should specify the requested loan amount, period for which the funds are needed, loan purpose, as well as collateral that the company is willing to offer as security for the requested loan. It is important for the application to bear the signature of the authorized person and corporate seal.

The application, along with the necessary documentation, should be submitted at the Bank reception desk. After that, the application is going to the Client Adviser, who prepares proposal for the Credit Committee that brings decisions on received applications. Upon the completion of the decision-making process, the Client Adviser will inform the client on whether the application has been approved and upon which terms and conditions.