CKB Banka

Information about changes in products

Dear clients,

Please find below the list of slight changes in our products, expected to be in force after the merger of Podgorička banka with Crnogorska komercijalna banka(CKB). For more information please contact your account officer or Call center of Podgoricka banka by 19900.  
For more detail on use of these products within the CKB, and after the merge day on 11th December, you may call CKB Contact center by 19894.

Information intended to individuals and companies

SMS&E-mail reporting shall be available to the clients in CKB bank, having the slight changes:   

Clients having the service of “scheduled sending” of SMS on the available balance are going to have the similar service in CKB – they will receive the message with the statement by the same account for which they had scheduled sending, in the end of the day.  
Balance inquiry by SMS shall be still possible. You should send the text to the phone number 1456. The message should contain of: R if you ask for the balance on the transactional accounts, D if you ask for the balance on foreign currency accounts, and C if you ask for the balance on your cards.  
Notification by accounts (inflow/outflow) to the email for individuals shall not be supported in the new bank. We recommend the SMS service or using e-banking.

Funds transfer from the current to the foreign currency account:
Instructions for transfer of funds from your transactional to the foreign currency account shall be changed as follows:
Payment to the account: 510-0-40
Reference number: 231-XXXXXXXXXXXXX (your CKB foreign currency account which you have received in the letter. If you have not received the letter with new account number, please contact account officer or visit the branch).
Foreign currency account shall be submitted and visible in your e-banking profile.  
You may save the instructions as pattern in your application for e-banking (FX Client, CKB GO, OfficeBanking) and use it each next time.
Standing orders
Standing orders with no fixed period of reporting or certain time schedule, shall not be transferred to the CKB.
If you have already scheduled standing order which should be executed as “future payment”, it will not be transferred as such will not be supported in CKB.
Additional information for companies

Electronic banking:                 

Applications of e-banking (FX Client, Office Banking) which clients used to use shall be available in the future bank, with one important change: international payment operations could be performed exclusively through new version of the application OfficeBanking.
Other remain unchanged for clients.
If they want to, after merge of the banks, clients may apply for CKB GO internet banking. CKB GO service shall be available by internet browser on the address  and mobile application shall be available on Play Store and App Store. CKB GO is one of the best digital service within our banking industry.

POS devices and cards:
The functionalities of the PDB POS devices will be taken over by the POS CKB.
When using business cards, CKB banka will in the future send SMS messages with information about the available balance at the company level, and not about the available balance of the cardholder who made the transaction, as has been the case in Podgoricka banka, so please pay attention.

Client’s statements:
According to the change of the information system, in the future bank, clients will receive statements in a changed format, so please contact your account officer if necessary.
The announcement of foreign exchange inflow by e-mail for legal entities will not be supported in the new bank.
Instead, the Notice on foreign exchange inflow will be delivered to the client upon posting to the client's foreign currency account, via SMS and / or e-mail.
It is necessary for the client to apply for the SMS service, while for e-mail reporting the bank will transfer the existing e-mail addresses for sending.
 E – Reporting:
All clients who receive a foreign currency statement by e-mail through the E -Reporting service in Podgoricka banka, will continue to use this service in CKB bank as well.
Upon generation, the statement will arrive to the clients at the identical e-mail address they had registered via E-Reporting. The statement structure will be changed according to the statement structure in CKB.

All clients who receive monthly statements for business cards by e-mail via the E-Reporting service in Podgoricka banka will continue to use this service at CKB as well.
Clients will be sent monthly statements at CKB bank upon their generation, to the same e-mail address they had registered via E-Reporting.
Clients - merchants who receive reports on daily payments via POS terminals will continue to receive a monthly report with analytics of payments via POS terminals in the new bank at the same e-mail address they had registered via the E-Reporting solution.