CKB Banka

Activation of CKB GO application

Dear clients,

If you have accepted the offer of opening a transaction account in CKB (your new replacement account for the existing transactional account in Podgoricka bank), activation of the CKB GO application is already available to you.
You will receive two separate text messages in the coming days.
One message will contain your username that you received through the Contract on provision of electronic banking services to individuals, and will be sent to you by Podgoricka bank, while the other one will contain your initial password, and you will receive it from CKB bank.
With the specified access data, and after downloading the mobile application, or accessing the website you are starting the activation process.
Please note that after successful activation you will not see anything in the application, because all your products and accounts from Podgoricka bank will be transferred to CKB bank on December 14th 2020, after successful merging process of the two banks.
However, you already have the opportunity to activate your CKB GO which will enable you to be relaxed while waiting for the merge process of banks to be finished.

You can find the user manual for the first activation of the CKB GO application HERE.
In case you still need help with the first activation, you can contact the Call Center of Podgoricka bank 19900 and CKB bank 19894, as well as your account officer in Podgoricka bank.

We assure you that CKB GO is one of the best digital services in our banking industry