CKB Banka



Is the customer obliged to visit the branch to confirm that they have accepted the new account number?

No. If the customer, within the deadline defined by the offer for account opening (15 days), does not visit the branch to state that they do not accept the account opening, it is considered that they have accepted the offer and the account will be opened at CKB banka.

Is the customer obliged to notify the employer about the change of account number?
Yes. Please note that in the next year, after the legal merger of banks, payments made to existing accounts in Podgorička banka will be accepted and paid funds redirected to newly opened accounts in CKB, but we still ask customers to inform their employers and payers about the new account number on time. As from the merger of banks, payments in the country and abroad will be enabled only from new accounts opened at CKB.

Is the customer - pensioner obliged to inform the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Montenegro about the change of account number?
The customers who are pensioners should sign the consent in the branch in order for the bank to submit their account number to the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Montenegro.

For the customers of Podgorička banka for whom new account will be opened at CKB while they already have an account in that bank, does the bank immediately start charging fees for account maintenance, cards, packages, etc.?
The account maintenance fee will be charged for all accounts that will be active on the day of settlement (for natural persons it is the last day of the month; for legal persons it is the first working day of the month). All tariffs are published on the bank's website. Please contact your personal banker in case you need more detailed information.

Should the customers who have accounts in Podgorička banka and a number of products that are linked to those accounts and have the same in CKB banka, close one account with certain products or the products will be combined and charged as one?
All accounts that are active in Podgorička banka on the merger date will be transferred to CKB banka. At CKB, their account will be "transferred" to a new 510 account to which the products they used in Podgorička banka will be linked, although they already have an active account at CKB. There will be no combining of products. If the customer does not want to transfer the account from Podgorička banka, they can submit a request for closing the account in Podgorička banka before the merger or in CKB after the merger with the order to transfer the products linked to the account being closed to another account or to cancel the linked products as well. Price conditions after the merger will be in accordance with the tariffs and pricing policy of CKB in effect at the time.


After the merger of banks, will the cards of Podgorička banka be valid until their expiry?

Are the existing customer cards going to be automatically linked to the new accounts from the moment of their activation?

Are there going to be any changes regarding La Rata card and other credit cards after the merger of banks?
No, all cards will be used in the manner stipulated by the contract, until their expiry. There will be no change regarding the cards.


What will happen to the savings of the customers of Podgorička banka once the banks merge?
The bank will in all respects act in accordance with the agreements on savings products and the conditions agreed with Podgorička banka will continue to apply to those savings.

What will happen to the loans of the customers of Podgorička banka once the banks merge?
The rights and obligations of the borrowers remain unchanged and they will continue to repay the loan in the agreed manner and under the agreed terms, i.e., under the same conditions as they did in Podgorička banka.


Do the branches of Podgorička banka remain at the same location after the merger with CKB?
In order to optimize the branch network during the process of merging CKB and PDB, it is possible that some branches will be replaced by the branches of CKB banka. The list of branches of the future bank is published on the website.

Considering that the product packages of Podgorička banka will be replaced with new ones, when will the customers be informed about the content and price of the packages?
The customers have been informed about the changes in the product packages by the letter, and the information is also published on the bank's website.